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W6 – Videogame Development

The workshop is divided into 6 sessions of 3 hours each. This year we have the pleasure of having with us Lead Game Programmer Ricard Pillosu and junior gameplay programmer Mario Silva  from Crytek (, who will introduce the participants to CryEngine 2 (//, Crytek’s award winning game engine. On the last session we will have invited speakers from major game and technology companies that will talk about the game industry and advance topics on game development.

  • Session 1: Introduction to the CryEngine 2 (June 23rd, morning) - Participants will learn the main concepts to design simple game levels, add objects and enemies.
  • Session 2: Hands-on (June 23rd, afternoon)- Participants will work in groups and implement a game level with the concepts learned in session 1.
  • Session 3: Introduction to CryEngine Flow Graph (June 24th, morning) - Participants will learn to use the Flow Graph visual programming interface. Participants will learn to create applications for interactive scenes.
  • Session 4: Hands-on (June 24th, afternoon) - Participants will work in groups and include in their game level the concepts learned in session 3.
  • Session 5: Videogame Development Competition (June 25th, morning) - Participants have 3 hours to create a game level with a clear goal and mission.
  • Session 6: Invited Speakers talk and Videogame Development Competition Award ceremony (June 25th, afternoon) - Ricard Pillosu – Talk: “Scrum”. Mario Silva – Talk:  ”One year experience of working at Crytek” - 2 more speakers to be announced.

Workshop Instructors

ricard After working as programmer for different web studios, Ricard Pillosu completed a Master Degree in videogame programming and moved into the game industry. Since then he has been involved in different projects like Pyro Studio’s RTS “Imperial Glory” and Arvirago’s “Lord of the Creatures”. He works at Crytek since 2006 he started as AI programmer and now he is Lead Programmer with a team of 12 people. fotovero1 Verónica Costa Orvalho born in 1976, mother of a lovely boy. Holds a Ph.D. in Software Development (Computer Graphics) from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya external link (2007), where her research centered on “Facial Animation for CG Films and Videogames” external link. She has been working in IT companies, such as IBM external link and Ericsson external link, and Film companies, like Patagonik Film Argentina external link since 1994. She has given many workshops and has international publications related to game design and facial animation in conferences like SIGGRAPH external link and Symposium in Computer Animation external link. She has received international awards for several projects: “Photorealistic facial animation and recognition”, “Face Puppet” and “Face In Motion”. Now, she is a full time professor of Porto University and cofounder and CTO of Face In Motion ( She is also a former research member at the Event Computational Lab ( working on virtual reality and character
animation. Current and past collaborations include several film and game companies (Blur Studios, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Portugal, Dygra Films), and research groups (Stanford University, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). Her current research focus on developing
new methods related to motion capture, geometric modeling and deformation, and real time animation.
mario1Mario Silva holds a BSc on Computer Science from Falculdade de
Ciencias da Universidade do Porto (2008). Since he graduated he has
been working at Crytek GmbH as a junior gameplay programmer in the
recently announced Crysis2 game and in an unannounced project. He
specialized in CryEngine Flow Graph.
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